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We’ll donate money to your local PTA every time a purchase is made.

At a time when Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) need fundraising dollars most, SchoolProducts.com—the premiere one-stop online location for all your student, teacher and office supply needs—is giving back to the communities we’re dedicated to supporting.

At SchoolProducts.com, we understand that schools are desperate for additional financial resources to pay for field trips, support their Music and Arts programs and provide teachers with adequate supplies to work with. That’s why we’ve developed a new “PTA Cash Rewards” Program that pledges up to 7% of the total school supplies purchase back to your local PTA in cash. That’s cash back on top of the savings you’ll receive with our everyday low prices and weekly “Special” offerings.

Throughout the school year, parents need to buy school supplies anyway. We’re providing them with an innovative opportunity that’s an easy and highly effective way to reach their school’s fundraising goals.

The best part is that, unlike other charitable sites that force you to order pre-packed supplies you might not like, at SchoolProducts.com parents can customize their order and buy only the specific products and supplies they request. You only order what you need, so you get want you want.

Here’s How It Works
Fundraising Is Hard. We Make It Easy.

PTA representative fills out the form below and receive the unique code, assigned to each participating PTA, notifies all participants (parents and teachers) about our program and provides PTA code to them. 

Each time a person makes a purchase of student, teacher and office supplies on the site, they simply use an assigned code (there is a special box on the Orders page) and a SchoolProducts.com donation from this purchase will appear. At the end of each quarter, SchoolProducts.com will calculate the amount going back to each PTA (from all participants with the same PTA code) and issue a check payable to that local organization. It’s that simple, yet the benefits can be significant and far-reaching.

You can track our donations from your purchases by clicking on “My Account” on the home page of SchoolProduct.com.

We’ll donate 5% on purchases up to $500 and 7% on purchases over $500.

If your PTA is not yet enrolled in our “PTA Cash Rewards” program, please help us find them!

Remember, the goal is to give local communities across America the money they need to give their students the most comprehensive learning experience possible. Together, we can help local communities achieve their goals… and raise a little money too!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this program please contact us at pta@schoolproducts.com.


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